Sophia Dejavuís early acrylic paintings in style naïve combine the lack of drawing skills with vivid imagination, freshness and sincerity of perception
of the world.

Reality is always a subject to interpretation into painting, but illusion and emotional reaction are always engaged in the art works of Sophia Dejavu.
All images express themselves without the necessity of words. Rhythms, lines, patterns and colors express the beauty, moods, spirituality, metaphors and magic.


Oil paintings dry slowly, allowing the artist time to rework and blend colors. Each art work of Sophia Dejavu is the series of under paintings, layered one on one until the final image has built up. The smooth and clean brushstrokes, play of light and shadows give to each art work luminescence and sculptural quality.

Art objects

Dejavuís own passionate vision of art is presented not only in paintings. Searching for a beauty and transforming ordinary things into the art installations Sophia Dejavu expresses her fatigue-less desire to create.


Looking for to try something new in art I attended classes of creative photography from world-class instructors. The magic is everywhere, you need just to see it. I try to see beauty in everything and capture it with my camera.