Sophia Dejavu is a contemporary painter. Her passion for art started at the early age expressing her points of view and thoughts through paintings.

Her works are predominantly acrylic in style naïve. Every canvas is a connection with her internal energy and spiritual emotions. A lot of her paintings suggest the feminine presence. She illuminates qualities that often go unnoticed by the casual observer.

She attended class of oil painting and studied the history of art in the private studio in Switzerland. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting shapes and bold compositions. Sophia Dejavu experiments with many different techniques and utilizes various materials to achieve the desired effect.

She has exhibited her art works in numerous group exhibitions and in October 2013 she has held her first solo art exhibition of oil-based paintings in the gallery Au Carmin in Fribourg and her showing was very well received by the audience. Her bright and vivid art works have great success and very favorable comments from art critics and the public.

Her art works are in many private collections throughout Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, Russia and Ukraine.


Learning to paint is a journey of self discovery for me, it is a sort of meditation. I feel that painting is a mean to capture the human spirit and at the same time to reflect who I am. I believe that if you act from your heart and you are truly faithful, honest and passionate you will touch anotherís heart.

If I want to express something really important I prefer to paint it rather than to put it into words. Words are blind and empty, they will disappear anyway.

My images are metaphors for the unconscious mind as it processes an infinite stream of information, ideas and feelings. My paintings are highly conceptual and have aesthetic significance. They are self-contained. My paintings are my children, created in love. My best hope is that the images stand simply on their own, and find similar connections in the viewer where words fail. This is creativity of my soul.

P.S. I wish to THANK all who have encouraged and inspired me. And also to those, who didnít believe in me as they were the driving force, motivation for going on and the main source of energy.

Yours Faithfully,

Sophia Dejavu